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about us.

Ideal Habits was created as a last resort. In 2017, Chef Amber Monét had worked enough jobs and decided to sustain her life with her passion. She had always had a connection with food and people and decided to combine the two by hosting a dinner party where people could connect through her dishes.

Since then Ideal Habits has been on a mission: to break the confines of mindless eating and challenge habitual palates through taste, integrity, and passion. Our mission started as a goal to introduce new flavors to the inner city. We noticed many people in our community had never heard of some vegetables and fruit, let alone what they tasted like. So we wanted to introduce our community to some new ingredients and flavors.

After watching a Netflix series called Gamechangers, reading and watching many teachings of Dr. Sebi our mission is being taken to another level. We want to introduce more alkaline whole foods to our community. We have been learning too much about how food affects the body and we want to do whatever we can to put more foods that contribute to our health rather than put us at a disadvantage. We're not looking to take anything from anyone's diet, just looking to show them new ingredients to add and healthier cooking techniques to incorporate.

Ideal Habits, yeah?

Roasted Veggies
Vegan Autumn Harvest Salad


Growing up in Philadelphia, Chef Amber Monét always had an admiration for upscale dining experiences. Like many inner-city children, her family couldn’t afford fancy restaurants, let alone culinary schooling, so she decided to train herself. Gaining inspiration from the Food Network and watching numerous YouTube videos to sharpen her knowledge, she’d recreate these upscale dishes in the comfort of her own home. Without even realizing it, food became a passion and her way to travel the world.


After working a plethora of food service jobs, Chef Amber Monét decided it was time for her to step out on faith and bring her mission to change the way her community consumed food by creating Ideal Habits in 2017.  Since then she has taught Culinary Arts at West Catholic High School, worked with transitioning Foster Care kids with Ambrosia Food Group, taught virtual classes through the University of Penn, volunteered hundreds of hours for EDS doing hurricane relief work in Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia with RC Catering Group, participated in preparing and serving food to over 10,000 refugees, and has also taught over thousands of people through her virtual team building classes. 


Chef Amber Monét strives to break through the confines of mindless eating and challenge habitual palates through taste, integrity, and passion.


chef amber monét

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