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Event Catering 

We Are Proud When People Use Us For Event Catering

Our local catering company is our pride and joy as we serve the better part of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There is no minimum to our guests, but we set a minimum or a base price for our services. On average, our self-served buffet goes for around $25 per person for a crowd of 50 or more people. Most parties will not be less than 50 people, so it is the safest way to deliver an estimated price. We tack on added fees like 20 percent for sales tax and labor charges. Other costs that come out of the 20 percent service charge are general liability insurance, travel expenses, servicing, and cleaning up for our equipment. We also use part of the percentage for ice for our ice coolers and Cambro hot boxes since we travel. The charge is also for tables and linens to perform our duties according to our client's standards.

Our event catering always comes out a success due to the fact we always communicate with our clients. From meeting our clients and introducing our services to clean up after the event, people choose us for their event catering to enjoy themselves at their provided event. There is no hassle and headaches of worrying about the food, set, and clean up. Many people go with event catering to avoid extra work. Most people work hard during the week, and when an event comes up with a large group of people, they want to have fun with the people attending the event. It gives the host time to mingle and become the hero of the day for casting a great event. We love making people shine, and that is what makes event catering so heartwarming. Whether business events or personal events, people love food. Nothing can bring people together like incredible food.

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